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Best Step Drill Bits 2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Do you feel like looking at all the different step drill bits on Amazon makes your head spin? To end up spending money buying the wrong step drill bits online, I’ve pretty much googled around and researched all these questions myself before purchasing, so I figure you’d be asking the same questions! :) Here are a few most commonly asked questions when you’re doing research before buying step drill bits online:

Should I Buy Step Drill Bits Set?

Do you only need one drill bit, such as popular 1 1/2, 1 3/4, 2" or 3 inch step drill bit? Or you need different sizes? If you need to drill hole on very thin sheet, it will be great to use the smaller drill bits, on one hand you will save effort, and on the other hand, you will prolong the life time of the bigger bits in turn. The smaller bits are designed for very thin sheet, the bigger bits are designed for relatively thicker sheet. Personally speaking, I would rather have more options in one set so that I can take care of whatever issues may come up. Sometimes a larger plug and screw are needed to support a heavier shelf, for example.

Cobalt or High Speed Steel (HSS) Step Drill Bit?

Always ask yourself: which materials are you working with and for what purpose. Wood, plastics, stone, alloys or thick metal? The type of material you’re drilling into will determine which kind of drill bit you need:

  • Cobalt step drill bits – these aren’t pure Cobalt, a blend actually, but can still be used for cement, thin stain steel and other moderately hard surfaces.

  • High-speed steel (HSS) – this is just a fancy name for a relatively soft metal. Use these for masonry (wood work) and plastics. It’s also the cheapest kind of drill bit.

Does Price of the Drill Bit Make a Difference?

We all want to save money, sure. But DON’T BUY CHEAP DRILL BITS Ever. The price matters greatly. A cheap drill bit can break and damage your project, your power tools and maybe even snap off and injure yourself. Purchase a brand you trust, with plenty of good reviews.

Here, have a quick look at the best step drill bits on Amazon in the following table:

Top 10 Step Drill Bits on Amazon

With 5 bits to choose from you will almost always have the perfect size (1/8" to 1-3/8"). They work very well like a hot knife through butter. Hole is clean, no chipping or cracking. Anything soft to medium-high hardness are fine with these, however, it’s also not very suitable for very thick metal (If you need to cut through above 1/4" thick metal, you should consider a harder one from Klein Tools/ CO-Z M2 for example). Very nice aluminum case, very securely boxed, yet the latch on the case was kind of flimsy

Overall: suitable for people who are looking for the best value for money.

One size pack. Size choices from 1/4" to 1-3/8". Amazon’s Choice when people search for the item of this type with keyword step drill bit that means it is the recommendation of Amazon when people do search via Amazon Echo. There are more than one thousand reviews under the listing from 2007 when this product was listed on Amazon at first time.

However when drilling stainless steel, drill at a lower speed or else you will ruin the bit. You must keep the bit cool while drilling with lubricating oil. If you do not drill at a lower speed and use cooling oil you will ruin the bit. Cooling oil can be anything like 3m oil, sewing machine oil, paper shredding oil, etc.

Overall: suitable for people who don’t mind the mess of using coolant, and do not have many varied size requirements.

One size pack. Size choice from 7/8" to 1-3/8". M2 High Speed Steel material, far better than the regular Tungsten Steels. The point is sharp and chews through the metal quick. It can drill through even thick steel (but not more than 5mm). Do not set drilling speed at its maximum to avoid damage to the cutting edge. Good for thick steels and lasts for a long life.

Overall: Suitable for the professional as well as hobby enthusiast looking for a cheaper price with high quality.

5-piece set can replace 50 sizes, from 1/4" to 1-3/8". These are great for plastic and soft wood or metal. They didn't appear very sharp. They deburr automatically as they cut, leaving smooth holes behind. The bored hole was perfectly round with only slight burrs on the outlet side of the hole. Have storage container but it’s like the cheap plastic one, defective and stain all over the case and bit set. Maybe that was just a faulty package or shipment, but it made me wonder if it was really a used set being sold as ‘new’.

Overall: suitable for buyers who need all kinds of different sizes and just want a cheap price.

3-piece set and can be used for 31 step sizes (from 1/8 to 7/8 inch). The bits loose in a small zipper bag inside a small yellow envelope. The titanium coating is flaking from being shipped loose in a bag…"double flute design" arrived with one flute only. They are okay for soft material (aluminum, copper, etc). However, metal is dull and corroded (not shiny brass looking like the photos) and nearly impossible to read the poorly stamped size steps.

Overall: Same as Ruimi. Suitable for buyers who want a cheap price for one-time use.

One size pack, size choice from 1/8" to 1/2". Made of M2 High Speed Steel material, improved heat resistance and durability. This is one heavy duty drill bit. It cut cleanly through with no chips or cracks. Worked well but wore out quickly. The tip is not strong enough and I had the feeling that it might break off at any time. Watch out for flying sparks when using it!

Overall: suitable for buyers who need a cleaner hole and don’t drill often.

Wide sizes coverage, from 1/8" to 1-3/8", with 5 pieces in a set. There is also an center punch. As it did drill thick steel, it burned up the bit. The center punch is a little finicky and sometimes doesn't re-set after marking a hole. Nice set for making various hole diameters. Be aware that 15/16 is not included in the set.

Overall: bargin price with normal performance.

3-piece set tool. Can drill 10 sizes, from 1/4" to 1/2". The hex shaft is excellent for chucking up in a keyless drill. However, the titanium coating was rather thin, and after drilling about 20 holes, it was gone completely from the edge of the drill bit. Make sure not to use it on thick material. Came with a nylon drawstring bag.

Overall: good for a quick weekend project if you need something cheap for one-time use.

The six-piece step drill bit kit comes in a very nice red plastic case to keep the bits in place and easy to find. And it covers various sizes from 1/8" to 1-1/8". When you take the bits out of the case you need to be very careful so you do not cut yourself! Be warned, these step drill bits are very sharp. They can punch through steel and aluminum panels with ease. The bits do not jamb when cutting the hole size larger, making it a very safe step bit to use.

Overall: good quality product for the avid professional.

One size pack. Can drill 10 size holes, from 1/8" to 1/2". The point is sharp and chews through the metal quick. Titanium two flute spiral design provides longer life and better chip removal. It can drill through 1/4" thick steel. Good for thick steels and lasts for a long time.

Overall: Suitable for buyers who don’t need many sizes or need to drill thick metal.


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